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Love the catchy melody in this one. It might be the most energetic of our three but it's definitely catchy af. Love the chords. Mixing is pretty good.

Good luck!!

1f1n1ty responds:

thanks man, and likewise!

You need to learn some mixing xD Love it! Kinda ear raping tho... Love the sounds, very inspiring :D

You are really improving!! Mixing is a lot better than it used to be, but can still be improved. Melody sounds very professional. Really only the mixing and mastering process is the thing you have to improve because the creativity is there! Great song man!

GGMiXsiMusic responds:

Thanks, dude!

i never thought i was created.

you helped me mentally.

Wow, great vibes you got there!! I really like it :D Missing some variation tho, the drop is kinda one-toned.

Adjeye responds:

During the drops, I tried keeping the momentum of the track alive as long as possible. I felt that changing the bass (the main ingredient of the drops) would destroy the flow of the piece, so I tried to change most other synths + drums around them in a subtle manner.

Glad you still liked it though :)

Amazing Melodies!! Love the work! Not really something I'd usually listen to tho, I'm more of the heavier kinda guy. Great job dude!

P.S. How did you finish this so fast!?!? I'm still working on my track for the NGADM, I'm only half way done!

MrKoolTrix responds:

Thanks! ^_^

I actually started this track at July 13, 2017, shortly after the first round ended. (You're allowed to start a track before the next round begins; it's stated in the rules. :P)

Well, good luck to you and your competitor. :D

Really chill! Well mixed and mastered! Great song :D

Nice!! The idea is there, but the kicks were a little soft, almost unhearable. And you need to pay more attention to the mixing, some sounds are clearly louder than the other sounds and jump out a little too much. I like the idea behind the song, but you didn't execute the idea very well. I would recommend watching some tutorial videos on mixing on youtube or something. Because once you've learned that, the quality of your tracks will go up significantly.

AzeXiR responds:

I actually tried to make the kicks pretty loud but it probably was'nt enough. I already watched some youtube tutorials. The jumping sounds are pretty normal for me xD. Thanks for the review!

Awesome song, but where are the kicks? I didn't hear any in the drop.

DierkusOfficial responds:

I use a Powerful Snare, but is true, i forgot it xD maybe in the next song :3 thanks Kaixo, you are great!

Wow, This is soo funny XD

I like the scary vibe of this track. I do however recommend you to look into mastering a bit more because the kick was really distorted. Furthermore, I think the song is pretty cool, not really my kind of music, but if you work on your mastering, it has a lot of potential.

AzeXiR responds:

Thanks for your review! I did'nt really noticed the distorted kick, until i published it and listened it. This track sounds creepy? I don't think so. However if you thinked so, then my next song alone is a lot more creepy :). This track is actually very old. Thank you again for your review!

Hi, I'm Kaixo! I make music. I try to achieve something new and better every time. So, enjoy the music, and make sure to share it with your friends!

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